According to the bylaws of the Stillwater Habitat for Humanity affiliate, the board of directors is composed of 12-24 members who are elected to three-year terms. Officers include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact our Nominating Committee at

Our committees are always seeking eager volunteers who are committed to making a difference in Stillwater:

  • The Board Development Committee shall consist of four to eight members, at least two of whom shall be currently serving as Directors. The Committee shall be responsible for the continuing education of the Directors on such matters as relate to Habitat for Humanity International; local housing and income statistics; relationships with, and opportunities through local agencies, including government; and annual orientation and training events. This committee will cultivate relationships with potential Board members and recommend persons for vacant Board positions at the time they occur. They also present a list of nominees recommended by the Nominating Committee, a Board Development subcommittee, for the incoming class of Directors at the November Board of Directors meeting.

  • The Building Committee shall be responsible for establishing policies and guidelines for home construction or rehabilitation; advising the Board of Directors on building design and costs; and the scheduling of construction work.

  • The Church Relations Committee shall be responsible for fostering a strong partnership between SHfH and Stillwater area churches. This includes providing information about Habitat International and our affiliate and arranging permission for holding monthly board meetings. The prayer, financial and volunteer support that churches provide is the backbone of Habitat’s work.

  • The Executive Committee shall consist of the principal Officers of the Corporation and shall oversee the implementation and administration of policies and procedures of the Corporation as determined by the Board of Directors.

  • The Family Selection Committee shall be responsible for establishing guidelines and policies for choosing recipients of Habitat housing or renovation; coordinating individual, church, and community support for Habitat families; and reporting to the Board on the status of Habitat families.

  • The Family Support Committee shall be responsible for providing Habitat homeowners and prospective homeowners, or home repair recipients with a mutual support system, educational opportunities, and a forum for discussions pertaining to home ownership and maintenance.

  • The Finance Committee develops the annual budget, maintains budget controls, manages and invests the funds of the affiliate, supervises the work of the Treasurer and all people who handle funds and property of the affiliate, and collects funds due to the affiliate.

  • The Fund Raising Committee shall be responsible for coordinating the raising of funds to conduct the business of the Corporation. Included are fund raising activities, grant proposals, and cultivation of major donors.

  • The Oklahoma State University Student Chapter is an active and committed group of students who have joined with us in our mission.

  • The Personnel Committee makes recommendations for the employment or dismissal of any personnel in the affiliate. The Committee also oversees the implementation and administration of policies and procedures relating to employees.

  • The Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for educating and informing the public regarding the mission and purposes of Stillwater Habitat for Humanity. The tasks of this committee shall include public speaking, and communications with the media.
  • The Site Selection Committee shall be responsible for establishing policies and guidelines for choosing housing locations; the acquisition of information on lot availability and pricing, as well as neighborhood compatibility; and working to obtain the best purchase price.

 Click here for a copy of our current 990