Why Habitat?

Because our model works for families.  We combine education, screening for home ownership readiness and affordable mortgages.  This intensive work means that families have the right combination of skills and financial tools to be successful homeowners.

Because our model works for our community.  Our partnership helps our community reach it's affordable housing goals and lets community members roll up their sleeves and work on a Habitat build site.

Because our model brings people together.  No other organization joins volunteers and donors from congregations, corporations and other nonprofits to create a solution that everyone has a hand in.

We have changed a lot in 21 years of service, evolving in order to deepen our impact.  But while the tatics may look different, the principles are the same:  partnership housing where the families in need of shelter become central to the solution.

Thanks to the support from partners in our community, our model has proven successful regardless of cultural, political, or religious contexts.  You can play a vital role in continuing that success.  Please consider a donation to Stillwater Habitoat for Humanity.

To donate online, click the donate button at the top of the page

or mail your check to:  PO Box 912, Stillwater, OK  74076