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 February 6, 2013 .

Habitat Friends,

George Bernard Shaw once said “the single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place”. While those who are around Habitat on a daily basis can see many of the things happening, there are many of you who just catch glimpses. Therefore, I am starting a line of communication to keep everyone updated on a regular basis. Please be patient with our format and how we get the information to you. Hope you enjoy it.

• We are replacing our ReStore parking lot. It has been removed and they are pouring concrete this week and hope to be done by the end of February.RS Repave

• Since June we have placed two families in existing homes, finished construction on another and the family moved in during Christmas. We have two more under construction.

• We have been working with the Stillwater Board of Realtors on our 23rd home and had a great turn out on their first work day with another work day scheduled for Saturday, February 9th.

• I am very excited about the work of our committees, especially our Family Support Committee. The newly formed committee is working with our families and making plans to nurture the relationships with all our families. Thank you, Family Support Committee!

• Mark your calendar; we are planning a Fundraiser Banquet for Tuesday, April 16th. It will be a casual event with a meal and fun adult type carnival games. Be watching for more info.

• The staff will be attending the Habitat for Humanity National Conference in Atlanta, GA the second week in March. We are looking forward to hearing about all Habitat is doing around the world and connecting with other affiliates around the country.

• The Restore has hired an assistant manager for the back (intake, pricing, recycling.) She will begin in February.

Thanks for your service,

Bo Blakey

Executive Director