Application process

What happens after I submit an application? 

Within a month, Habitat will order a credit report to better understand your financial position and payment history.  The Family Selection committee will review your application and determine how best to move forward with your inquiry.  You may be contacted to complete a longer form application including verification of income, monthly expenses, and explanation of need. You may also be referred to a credit counselor or another agency that can best serve your housing need. 

How long will it take before a decision is made? 

The total selection process can be completed in as little as three or four months or can last for over a year. After receiving credit information, the Family Selection Committee must meet to review the status of all the current applicants. The most qualified applicants are then scheduled for a home visit. The committee will meet again to review the information obtained in the home visit and determine which applicants should be scheduled for an interview with the entire committee. Finally, the committee must make a recommendation to our Board of Directors who make the final decision.

All of this is done by a group of 5 or 6 volunteers. You will be kept informed of your status by a member of the committee. Please understand that this is an extensive process and no single step in that process guarantees that you will be selected